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WordPress website design for provider of solar energy solutions.

Design Brief

Symmetric Energy is a provider of solar energy solutions for residential and commercial properties in Sausalito, CA. Their primary goals for their website design was to begin to establish their visual brand identity through a design that effectively related to their target audience and distinguished their company from their competitors. Their secondary goals were to provide information that served to earn trust with potential investors and position their team as industry experts.


To write the copy for the website, I provided them with a customer persona worksheet in order to help determine a more effective design, content and user experience that was geared towards their specific target audience. I also provided a Storybrand worksheet to help break down different elements of their messaging into a clear and easy to digest story arc that is both compelling and effective.

After the copy was written, I created a unique website design to help set their business apart from their competitors and appeal to their specific target audience with a focus on effectively displaying important information and calls to action designed to stand out and guide potential clients to take action.

Content was included throughout the site content to build trust with potential customers such as testimonials, case studies, product research, and team member bios/credentials. A blog was also created for displaying informational content to attract visitors through online search and educate customers about microgrids.

Finally, conversion goals were determined for each page and so that clear calls to action could be displayed throughout the website to guide visitors towards each conversion goal such as contact form submission or email list signup for future email marketing campaigns.

WordPress was used in order to provide them with a platform that can be utilized for future content additions and marketing campaigns.